This is a blog to go along with my tool at http://discover.newoldmusic.com – I’ve found or remembered quite a bit of music using it so far, some of it with no comments or mentions on google – just a discogs.com page or something similar – so I figure I should probably try and write about it. I’ve played musical instruments for a long time, mostly bass and guitar, with my interests going more towards synthesizers and computer music over the years – live coding environments like https://foxdot.org/ or https://tidalcycles.org/ or PureData are what interest me these days.

I have a more detailed write up of the code used for discover.newoldmusic.com at https://www.jasonrparadis.xyz/music-list-site-update-scraping-scripts/

I have another music discovery tool at music.jasonrparadis.xyz, but it’s having issues and is generally slow. It’s a bit less curated than these lists.

This site is using WordPress since I just want to write and not have to deal with anything else like resizing images or dealing with HTML and CSS. Otherwise, I’d probably use python + pelican or another static site generator with bootstrap if I was going to use just text. I run all my stuff on Debian with Docker

I’ve always found it hard to write and talk about music, it feels like it’s so easy to devolve into meaningless descriptions of sounds, looking too deeply into music or make references to obscure stuff but after reading lots of other music criticism it seems impossible to avoid. Oh well, I’ll try anyway.

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