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I do love the archiving aspect of the internet and how much stuff it’s saved – there’s so much media and information lost to time, and will continue to be lost, like countless vinyls sitting at a thrift store or old TV shows. For example, I was at one today, and saw an album called “Skeptic Union – From The Hills Of Arizona” and it looks like a self released album with not a whole lot of information out there, just an RYM and Discogs page. I’m not really into country, but I do wish I had picked it up, just because it seems like it’s rare – discogs confirms that, with a range of $28 to $208, shockingly. There does seem to be a rip on youtube, but it’s surprising how much stuff out either has no information, or is just not available at all.

Old music shows and concerts seem like they would be at risk, but surprisingly there’s a lot on Youtube. Some of really awful quality for various reasons, but some has aged pretty well, and either way some of them are worth watching, especially if the audio quality is still there. These are some of my favorites I’ve found?

Mudhoney – Live in Berlin. I think Mudhoney is my favorite Washington band? besides Unwound and Melvins
Half Japanese – Live in Hell
Wire – On the Box (Rockpalast – Germany)
The Chameleons – Live Nov 1984 London, Camden Palace
Wall of Voodoo – Live at Steve Wozniak’s US Festival 1983
Kraftwerk on Ohne Maulkorb (Austria) w/ interview
Au Pairs – Live at The Tempodrom, Berlin, 1981
Cows on “What” (Minnesota Public Access)
David Bowie on Musikladen, playing a Chamberlin on the first track, and Adrian Belew is his guitarist. Kind of an odd piece of history?
XTC – Sight and Sound 1978 – I think this is the best version of “All Along The Watchtower”? That harmonica is going all sorts of crazy.
Liaisons Dangereuses – Live at the Hacienda

also, I don’t know if I would call these good exactly, but here is two videos that amuse because I like music heavy in ideas or theory, although the execution isn’t always perfect… both of these videos end up seeming very culty, lol.

Robert Fripp’s weird ovation guitar cult
Steve Reich’s Music For Pieces of Wood (and human metronomes)

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