my most listened tracks over the years

I did not realize you could easily export your Youtube history – besides my car and Jellyfin, that’s mostly what I use to listen to music these days, with an adblocker – and thought I would write a script I listen to the most there. Here are my results:

De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays: 66
Xmal Deutschland – Peel Session 1985: 62
Kraftwerk – Computer Love: 57
Glaxo Babies – Who Killed Bruce Lee: 55
Killing Joke – America: 53
Crystal Castles-Doe Deer Ep: 52
Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?) (TOTP, 1978): 50
Killing Joke – Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances): 50
The Sisterhood – Rain from heaven: 50
Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race: 50
Hypnobeat (1984) ► Daktari Missiles: 49
Sparks ‘Nothing is Sacred’: 48
Asylum Party – The Desert: 48
Klaxons – Flashover: 47
“the approaching of the disco void” john fahey @ the new varsity: 46
Disco Inferno- Footprints in Snow: 46
Colonel Abrams & Boards of Canada – Trapped (Hell Interface edit): 46
A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got) Buggin’ Out: 45
Xiu Xiu – Wondering [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]: 45
Can – The Empress and the Ukraine King (1976): 44
Boards of Canada – Dave (I’m A Real Traditionalist): 44
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision: 44
Glaxo Babies – This Is Your Life: 44
Crystal Castles ‘BAPTISM’ //official video: 43
Boards of Canada – Chinook: 43

I’m not sure how accurate it is – I’m sure deleted videos aren’t on there, and this only goes back a few years, but it’s about what I expected, a bit of everything really – Boards of Canada seems to be listed the most, and I’d guess if I listened to anything the most, it’s them (both volumes of Old Tunes is massive and I listen to that a lot). Lots of english punk & post punk – Killing Joke and Glaxo Babies twice (I really like both of them), and lots of experimental electronic stuff. I see both disco Sparks and glam Sparks, that surprises me (those are the only two Sparks eras I’ve listened too, there’s just too much of it and I’m not sure I like what new stuff I’ve heard).

I think the Daktari Missles song I only found a few months ago, but I’ve listened to a lot in that amount of time, I think I found that trying to find recommendations for the best song containing a Roland 303 or 808 (or both). My choice would be this, Jaquarius – Acid Rain / Love is Happiness, or Chris & Cosey / CTI – Dancing Ghosts

Maybe I should match this up with my old playlist too, but I’d guess it’s just more experimental electronic & english post punk.